Messed up really bad, please PLEASE help!


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Hi i am rushing as i type because i am on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

here is what happened i am summing up very vast

i have dell inspiron 547 i think maybe the name is wrong.

windows 7 ultamite 64 bit

so i tried to dual boot, install windows xp to use sometimes and win 7 sometimes.

so i went to partitions in that thing they give you, shrunk my c: by 150 gigs, so there was space for xp.

then i put in my xp CD.

when i went to install it, only partition available was C: not the new one i made (Q:)

so i was like oh well whatever, and turned it off and took out the CD.

when i restarted it wouldnt start, i knew something just seriously broke instantly. the windows xp cd would not even recognize the keyboard.

so then i put in the dvd i made when i first got the computer, to restore it somehow to magically make everything back to the way it was.

the dvd gave me an error when i hit restore. great backup.

so then i put in the reinstallation dvd that came with the computer, the dell 64 bit win 7 installation

then i went to repair blah blah automatically.

it said there was a corrupt something and it completed the fix with success, then i hit restart and the boot dvd keeps coming up before the operating system, should i take out the dvd and try to see if it worked or do something else?

i am only 16 but i know a lot about computers and this one was $1500 and i have things on the hard drive that mean the world to me but you know things happen so someone PLEASE PLEASE I BEG help me i need advice ANYTHING PLEASE. sorry for typing so horribly.

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Hello and Welcome to Windows7forums.. :)

I'd say take out the DVD then boot up and see what happens.. Then go from there.. ;)


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what do you mean by the boot cd? look at the last part of the message it's all about the repair disc that came with the computer?

I didn't say boot disc.. ;) I mean take out the disc that your using (which is the repair disc) then boot up your pc and see what it tells you.. ;) Have you checked your BIOS settings to see which device is set to boot up first?

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um i am running a diagnostics check right now and after it is done i am wondering in diagnostics, if by some miracle my partition will be recognized, what do i have to do to make it boot? i think i know the problem, the computers trying to boot the c: with nothing on it! but i am not sure at all. still panicing majorly.


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on the phone with dell, waiting, notihng moving here, can someone teach me how to use diskpart? please?

i am only 16 but i know a lot about computers and this one was $1500 and i have things on the hard drive that mean the world to me but you know things happen so someone PLEASE PLEASE I BEG help me i need advice ANYTHING PLEASE. sorry for typing so horribly. i'll even take a call at 5162323690 this is NOT a joke.

I'm no doctor, but I'm going to pretend to be one here for a moment...

you need to relax... take a breath or two....

feel better?

Now... before you start messing around with making and changing partitions you should consider getting another hard drive... removing the one with your data. Set up Win 7 on the new hard drive... then when all is settled, put your other drive back in, boot to Win 7 drive then move your files, photos, programs and applications to the new drive and set up everything. After a while when you know you have everything you want off your old drive.... make it into one partition, then copy or even better, clone your win 7 drive to it. If you do a clone and something happens to your new drive or the operating system, you have a perfect backup you can boot into in less than 2 minutes.

Trust me, I'm a doctor.


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I'm with Drew. I found it hard to follow the sequence of events in the OP.
But, first. The most important consideration that he seems to have is loss of personal data (last sentence)
Grab a live CD from the net. There are many around and mostly free. Boot it up. Hopefully you can still do that? Extract all your data to a safe place by whatever means you have. External HD USB.
Following your problem. Do you have the original Windows 7 installation DVD? If so, I would try that and try a startup repair, before going further. Again, trying to follow your post, it looks like you have screwed the Windows 7 boot manager, by installing XP as a second OS. This is a practice with warning on just about every IT Windows7/Vista site you can find.

Before doing this, as Tblount wisely suggests, take a deep breathe and relax!
Last choice, tongue in cheek, if the computer is new. Go back to the shop, look them in the eye with the best innocent expression you can raise, and tell them there is something wrong with the computer! (Extract you private data first - as suggested)

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