mic recording volume very low


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hi all,
im having trouble with my headphones mic which from some reason recording volume is very low .
so low that in game (by using TS [teamspeak]) when other people have the game sound , they can bearly hear me.
i set my mic to 100 volume and the boost to +30db but thing stay the same.

when i test the mic with recorder the bar even dont rised a little bit .

ohh , and by the way , in case anyone thought the problem isnt in the mic which is new due to the fact that after this problem happend at the last microsoft headphones i had, i bought new one (forgot the model).
any help here ?

im using windows 7
64bit premium


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I suppose the first question should be do you know for sure it is plugged into the correct port? Some systems will change ports depending whether it is plugged into the front or back and how your sound is set up. Make sure the plug is seated all the way.

If you right click the speaker icon and select recording devices, does it show as being plugged in and does the bar move on the right when you speak? I can set mine to about 20% boost and it pegs the meter.

Does touching the microphone or whistling make the level go up?


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i pluged it well
and yes whistling make the level go up


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It seems to be working, but still something is muting your voice.

Since you seem to have made normal adjustments to increase the volume, all I can suggest is something related to the physical placement of the microphone. Some folks have had the mic turned backward, which can be easily done, or had it positioned in such a manner that the sound was not reaching it correctly.

There of course still be some system problem causing your situation, but I do not know what it might be.

Hi, Please download and install windows7 SP1, I believe it can solve the problem.

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