Mic Very quiet

I recently got windows 7 and now when i use counter strike source or ventrilo my mic is very quiet even with everything max out and i was wondering if there is anything i could do

what sound card and drivers are you using


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Is your Mic Boost turned on?

Right click the Volume Control.
Click on Recording Devices.
Click on your microphone.
Click Properties.
Click Custom.
Check mic boost.
Click ok.

I had to do this to get mine to work.

thank u so much works now

Ok, i have got the same problem, although i have my boost on and my volume all maxed out, and still, when using skype the person on the other end can turn up their volume to max, and i still have to shout.

My voice is barely registering on the microphone, and i have tripple checked that the boost is on.

(Its an inbuilt microphone, and it has never had this problem before)

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