Windows 8 Microsoft blocks Windows 8 Start button, boot-to-desktop hacks


Extraordinary Robot
Computerworld - Microsoft has blocked a popular work-around that let users boot directly to the Windows 8 desktop, a co-author of an upcoming book on the operating system confirmed today.

Source: Yahoo! News
If I'm not mistaken, this occurred between Win 8 CP and Win 8 RP. This hack no longer works in Win 8 RP.
Yes,you can boot straight to the desktop in both Windows 8 CP and Windows 8 RP. If you have Classic Shell installed the latest version now boot straight to the desktop. By passing the Metro start screen and so does Start Menu 7. And both software give you the Windows XP and Windows 7 start button and start menu on Windows 8.

So you don't need to do any hacks to boot straight to the desktop. Andrea Borman.