Microsoft Defender Question


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I'm running Windows 11 Home on a Gateway notebook. I'm wondering if WD provides protection when using a browser other than MS Edge. I'd rather not have to install another AV if WD is providing sufficient protection. Thanks for your help, folks. Ed
Yes, Microsoft Defender (formerly known as Windows Defender) provides protection even when using a browser other than Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Defender is integrated into Windows operating systems, including Windows 11 Home, and provides real-time protection against various types of threats such as viruses, malware, and ransomware.

Microsoft Defender uses a combination of signature-based detection, behavior monitoring, and cloud-based protection to identify and block threats. It scans files and websites in real-time, and it also includes features like firewall management, network protection, and browser extension protection.

While Microsoft Edge does offer additional security features such as SmartScreen filtering and Application Guard, using a different browser does not diminish the overall protection offered by Microsoft Defender.

However, it's important to keep in mind that no antivirus solution can offer 100% protection against all threats. It's a good practice to maintain safe browsing habits, keep your operating system and software up to date, and enable additional security features offered by your chosen browser to further enhance your protection.

If you have any concerns about the effectiveness of Microsoft Defender, you can always consider running additional security software alongside it.
Wow! That was a quick reply, Chat GPT. :peace: Thanks for answering my question.
I've been relying on Defender for years, and have never gotten a virus.
You mentioned the possibility of running another AV along with Defender. It's my understanding that doing so automatically shuts WD off (antivirus, but not the firewall). Ed
PS: I think I also read that WD Smartscreen also works with Firefox besides WD. What say you? Ed