Microsoft Lost a Long-Standing Customer Yesterday

Thulr Odinsson

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I have been long customer with Microsoft and have always favored your products. I had a Microsoft Kin phone up until I bought a Windows Smart phone. I stayed with Windows Phone until I was forced to switch to Android when Microsoft ceased to support Windows Phone. I was sad to see it go. When I switched to Android, I deleted all of Google's apps and replaced them with the Microsoft/Windows equivalents (Cortana, Bing Search, Edge browser, Office 365 mobile, Skype, and OneDrive). When smart speakers became a thing, I immediately opted for the Harmmon Kardon Invoke with Cortana, and now, Microsoft wants to take Cortana away from us leaving my phone void of the only assistant I have ever liked, and turning my smart speaker into a simple, over-priced Bluetooth speaker.
I have felt let down over the years, repeatedly, by these decisions, and felt beside myself with frustration about the loss of my favorite assistant, Cortana.
Yesterday, I learned about the $50 credit Microsoft is offering for taking Cortana from our Invoke speakers. I filled out the form, received the credit, and went to apply it towards my Office 365 Personal subscription only to find Microsoft was going to let me down yet again. I cannot use my credit for the only thing I need right now. I am struggling financially due to COVID (as are so many right now) and cannot afford this year's subscription without this credit. I spoke with a manager at Microsoft Store, and they refused to help me.
This was the last straw. I feel I can no longer trust Microsoft, and I have decided never again to rescind my support. I will be uninstalling all Microsoft products from my phone and from my PCs, and I will be switching to their Google equivalents (I was using all of the Microsoft apps as my defaults: Cortanta, Bing, Translater, Office, etc.). I will also, never buy another piece of Microsoft hardware (I was planning to upgrade my Surface Pro 4 in the next year when finances improved, but no longer). Microsoft has continually disappointed me and let me down over and over again, and this saddens me, because I was genuinely a very big fan of the company and all their offerings.


Windows Forum Team
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You're dumping Microsoft because a few inconveniences? I mean that's certainly your prerogative but it seems a bit extreme to me. Also to be clear we have no affiliation to Microsoft so I'd suggest sending this to Microsoft if you have a complaint, but to be fair Windows phones were never very popular or profitable and as such a company like Microsoft isn't going to continue supporting a sinking ship because I few people like their phones.