Microsoft Office (Access) 2013 Crash On Field Deletion

This happens every time I delete a field, not just on a specific document, but on every document that I create. If I accidentally create a field can not delete it because I fear that I will lose all of my work in the process... It really is getting annoying. This is the error that comes up or sometimes it doesn't and Access just straight on doesn't respond, but it crashes every single time.

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Make sure that your current version of Access is complete up to date with anything from Windows Update
Then make a copy of the database for safe keeping and then do a compact and compile on the database. You can Google that if you're not sure how.

The problem doesn't occur in Design view, which is why I didn't notice it until now, I usually do my field deleting and such in design view...

Updates may be the culprit! I checked in Windows Update and there are 13 updates available for Office... Once I get done with them I'll post here and we'll just see if it fixes it.

Looks like updates fully solved the problem! Thanks!


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Glad to hear that you've managed to resolve your issue.
Thanks for posting back and updating your thread with that information.

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