Windows 7 Microsoft - PLEASE fix this AWFUL Multimedia experience


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Note to Microsoft Developers

Why on Earth do you have to make such a dogs dinner of essentially a decent application.

I'm talking about the Windows Media Center.

Most TV tuner cards sold these days have a Composite Video input as well as Antenna / cable input.
However when you set up the Media Center for your device you can only choose Antenna OR set top box.

This means that you can EITHER play TV on it OR take input from your aux. input (set top box, video sender, camcorder etc etc). Once you've set it up then you can't add the secondary source ---- what a dogs dinner -- lots of people have camcorders etc etc they would like to use without having to re-set the entire media center each time.

Also you can't even set up the composite input unless you have a remote -- again what a dogs dinner -- if I'm playing a camcorder on a laptop why do I want to mess around with a remote -- and in any case the chances are the remote won't be recognized by the computer anyway.

Surely it would be simple on the interface when starting the program to prompt for source Antenna or Composite.

C'mon Microsoft -- do you actually get "Real Users" to test this stuff -- anybody would have pointed this defect out in 5 mins.

If you are hoping to Integrate Browsing, Multi-media, etc etc you had better get "your thinking hats on again".
I like the idea of the TV program guides per region etc which makes the Media Center theoretically better than the 3rd party application software -- but why hobble what must be an easy feature to include.

Woof Woof -- as I said what a dogs dinner.