Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 opening PPTX files as a Picture Icon

I've got a user on a Windows 7 (x86) laptop with Microsoft Office 2010 installed, alongside Microsoft Project 2007. Whenever he tries opening PPTX files, no actual content is displayed but instead, only what appears to be an icon representing a picture file right in the center of the screen.

I've verified that a test file he cannot open is bad/corrupt because it isn’t opens just fine on my PC (Win 7, Office 2010). Regular PPT files seem to open OK on his computer. It's just the PPTX files that won't open properly. The strange thing is, there is no error message.

I have included a screenshot of PowerPoint when it opens the file.

Here's what I've tried thus far, to no avail:

  • Repaired the Microsoft Office Installation
  • Uninstalled Office 2010, rebooted and Re-installed Office 2010
  • Ran the SFC /SCANNOW command in Windows
  • Ran CCleaner's Registry Cleaner to remove any erroneous entries that might be there
I've searched around online but haven't come up with anything good that worked. Any suggestions



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Hi there and welcome to the forum :wave:

I've seen quirky stuff like this before with Office apps including PowerPoint. Can you tell us which version of Office 2010 is installed? I mean specifically; there are like 7 different versions. i.e.: Office 2010 Home and Student; Office 2010 Standard, Office Professional, Office 2010 Business, Office 2010 BackOffice, Office 2010 Enterprise, and Office 2010 MSD Developer.

With most of the home user or consumer versions, the question will be is if you failed to uninstall or reinstall the Office 2010 app without disabling ALL security programs on the computer you may have inadvertantly corrupted his Office or his Windows or both.
This means Anti-Virus (Norton, Avast, McAfee), Anti-spyware, Internet Security, Personal Firewall, etc. must all be disabled prior to Office uninstall/reinstall. If you skipped this step, or were unaware of it(you didn't tell us whether you repair computers for a living or are just trying to help a friend); this is almost certainly your problem. Now it's still possible that a virus/malware has infected your friend's computer, and you need to deal with this as well. Personally, if you skipped the AV-security steps, then I would attempt to correct the Office problem by doing another install of the Office 2010 you have on there now after performing my AV-security disabling steps. Then I would run both CHDKSK /F and SFC /SCANNOW from the Administrator Command Prompt; this performs maintenance on your Windows systems files.

Once that's done, you can attempt to reinstall the Office 2010. You also didn't say whether the Office 2010 disc you have or your friend has is a Microsoft legit orignal disc with Hologram& Logo or a copy. **DO NOT REINSTALL OFFICE 2010 FROM A COPY!!** If you or your friend do not have a legit MS disc as above, you probably have a bad copy, or the disc is old or scratched or possible all of them! It will never work.**:noway:

I would urge you then to purchase or have your friend purchase a replacement legit MS Office 2010 disc from ebay or Amazon; this can range from $90-$1,400; so that's why you have to check the EXACT VERSION of what was on your friend's computer originally if you already didn't do so. Most consumer Office 2010 discs are between $90-$379. However, if he has a copy of one of the Business or Enterprise editions I mentioned, you both are in for a big problem due to the high cost there!

Since I'm not there and can't see what your friend did, or even WHICH edition of Office 2010 he's running; I'm giving you some things to look at, report back, and suggestions to try in the meantime which may produce positive outcomes.

If you reinstall using my tips above, and still get no love, you'll have to look at testing his hardware. He probably has a failing hard drive or Memory stick. Failed hard drives in Win7 computers is the #1 cause of failure across all major brands!! Post back and we can give you testing procedures to test that laptop hardware. It will take you 1-3 days if you're proficient or longer if you've never done this sort of thing before.

Best of luck to you,:thumbs_up:

I'm thinking that it could be a virus issue

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