Microsoft support for Windows 8 has now ended.


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Microsoft officially stopped supporting Windows 8 as of yesterday, the 12th January 2016. If you want to continue receiving support ( security updates etc) then one needs to either update to Windows 8.1 (free by the way) or downgrade to Windows 7.
Support for Windows 8.1 ends in 2023 whilst Windows 7 is good until 2020. This screenshot shows the relative dates:


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Microsoft recommends upgrading windows 8 to windows 8.1.1 but just to be very clear, a windows 8 user got 2 more years in which to commit to that update and was still supported during this extended period... which is now over... you can also upgrade to 8.1.1 then continue on to Windows 10 (getting WX this way is Free) if 8.1.1 doesn't frill you... I don't recommend WX because Microsoft hasn't imo put much effort into their drivers but it's still an option you may want to look at.

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