Microsoft surface, a new feature for Vienna / Windows 7 tablet?


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Hi guys

I just found this:
First off, I think it looks pretty cool. They show it as being a table, but I'm thinking, mabey they will put something in like this in Windows vienna tablet edition. So, what do you think? Since tablets have touch screens, it might be a nice feature to have.

So, what are your thoughts on it?


Cooooooooooooool! if that so, it may be the easiest interface in history of computing.

I wonder if the Microsoft can do this also in desktop PC's, alternative to mouse.


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I sure think they can. The only thing is that that would require a touch screen to be used properly, which few people have. But then again, that is progress.

I sure think that would be a pretty cool feature.

that would be hard, but a giant tablet pc shaped like a laptop would be nice!!

Well I see Microsoft trying to push new technology. And I think in this case they are doing a very good job. I think if thay can make this work it will be very cool.

Microsoft Surface also detects objects you put on top of it; like Zune players that you can sync by just dragging album arts and share also with other zune or wireless devices, even you can compare gadgets and I saw fancy effects when you put glass of beverages on top of it.

Really cool! huh... :)

My gusse is they are taking Bluetooth to the automated level.

Yes, Bluetooth and WiFi I think.

I like the idea of using Bluetooth with digital cameras and camera phones. Transfer wirelessly is where it should be at.


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It might also be Wireless USB, which should comming out very soon. In the case of the Zune, I imagine it's wifi, as the Zune uses wifi.

But this is sure a cool technology from Microsoft. :)

Matt said:
It might also be Wireless USB, which should comming out very soon.
Isn't that was what Bluetooth was made for? Bluetooth is just a short range version of Wifi but alows you to safly transfer data between computers and Bluetooth devises. USB does the same. I'm waiting for a wireless USB thumb drive. lol

yeah, but what i thonk that although surface is great, not manyorganizations will buy it because of cost... wll, now, at least...


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Well, several buisnesses in our area have self checkout machines, which I imagine were expensive also, but it let's them have less workers, so it should be cheeper in the long run. I imagine that Microsoft Surface will be sort of like this, so we might start seeing it soon.

Yeah expensive, it cost lots of bucks but it can do less workers and big saving in the long run.

And they used infrared sensor at the botom of the table maybe 4 (I forgot) that responsible for detecting obects and you hands.

well, they should make a cheap surface for home users!!!

Yeah, your right Booyahcomputers. :)
They should have cheaper Surface for home users, 10% less or more would be better.
If that so I might buy one, hehe :p


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I think I would get one also, if I got get it for a low price. It would be nice for playing games I think also, such as chess. It would also be nice if you wanted to order some food I think, wether at home or at a resturant.

but i guess the home one wouldnt be as pretty...:( oh well, i bet they could figure something out!! oh, how about we post ideas about how to make surface as effective, but cheaper!! ;)

I think making it as flat as possible so people could put it on there tables to make it look like part of the table.

great idea, snake!! love it!! thatll be cool!! ihope they will make it stain proof, as if that existed, ill browse the internet whilst eating!!!

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