Microsoft system Maintenance box pops up

A box pops up when windows is in screen saver mode.
And it says

Microsoft system maintenance
Blogger not found.

How the heck do I find where this is coming from.

Thanks Mark F.

#2 is a Google service for creating blogs. used to be someone's blog but it is no longer active, which explains why it was not found. How something got on your computer that looks for it while your screen saver is running is another question, and what it was trying to do is still another question.

If your screen saver is something you downloaded rather than one that came bundled with Windows, I would start by switching to another one (one of the Windows standards), and see if it was some code embedded in the other screen saver. If not, use task manager to look for processes and services running in the background that are not from Microsoft and that you do not recognize as something you loaded.

Thanks I'll start there.

Mark F.

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