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Feb 23, 2013
Hi everyone,

I just installed windows 7 home premium on my Gateway LT2802u. Everything has gone well but the only thing I can't find a driver for is something called "Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adapter". I have looked every where and haven't found anything. I already installed the latest drive for my WiFi (WLAN) and LAN.
Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

I've attached a pic of what is says.


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Do you know what it is and do you actually use it? It is a "virtual" wifi adapter created in software and gives your system the facility to connect simultaneously to two different wifi networks. But it is only a "virtual" connect and in actual fact splits the badwidth of your real wifi adapter in half so instead of having a single wifi connection running at x bps you will appear to have wo, each running at x/2 bps. It is pointless having the virtual adapter and you can remove it from your devices unless you have the need to connect wirelessly to two different networks (in which case I would consider installing a second adapter.)
Thanks so much, so I should just right click it and click uninstall? Won't it just come up again upon next boot?
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