Windows 10 Monitors sleep in multimonitor system


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Oct 1, 2022
In a multimonitor system, I would like to be able to put 2 monitors to sleep while keeping the third awake. Computer will still be active to show something on the third screen. Please don't misunderstand me. I mean that when I don't use the mouse or the keyboard for a while, two of the monitors go to sleep and the third one still shows the app that is on it. As soon as I move the mouse or press a key, the other 2 monitors go on, showing what was on them previously. Is this posible and if yes, how? Thank you!
As far as I know, the monitor dimming setting in Windows 10 is not individually configurable for each monitor.
Hello there. Tbh, I've not managed to find the way it's possible yet. So, I guess Windows 10 just doesn't support this feature, but maybe the 11th version does, who knows. I've not yet uploaded my Pc to the 11th version of the OS. Btw, guys, what do you think of Windows 11? At first sight, it almost looks like a macOS. I'd be really grateful if you shared your experience of using it with us. I've read some views about it on, where people say it's not as comfortable as its 10th version. Anyway, I guess I should try it.
Windows is a one size fits all OS that treats every monitor [hardware] the same... regardless of build

what the op wants is possible with controllers i.e 3rd party devices that sit outside of Windows systems ... they range in $ a lot
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