Windows 8 More Interesting Facts


Noob Whisperer
Nov 30, 2009
N.W. Indiana
While the information concerning the Windows 8 Upgrade $39.99 offer is all over the internet, what is a tad more interesting and a little harder to find is;
That Microsoft will extend this offer to users of the Windows 8 Release Preview as well.
While such an upgrade will entail the reinstalling of all your apps (desktop and metro) it looks like your user profile in respect to your actual data (docs, images, music, etc.,) will likely survive intact (I would probably still backup everything first to be safe).
Still all in all looks like a pretty cheap way for some users to move to Windows 8 Pro, including a free optional Media Center install as well.
Windows 8 Release Preview can be upgraded for $40
That's $10 cheaper than the Windows 7 Upgrade offer they had, and, that was only for the Home Premium version.
I'll be waiting.

And the first time ever, that I recall, that they have ever offered an upgrade path from one of their free Beta Version (Previews).
but upgrading is for forty bucks if you purchase before the end of January 2013 after that the price may get changed.
i'm too in its wait .... surely the cheaper prices for up gradation and for the reason of its free and trail beta version ... however it's good to have the benefit as for long the prices are not going to be as low...
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