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    I searched the forums to see if others were having a problem with Marvell Yukon Gigabit ethernet controller. In most of those threads, updating the driver seemed to work. But my problem is just confusing me. The other day, my computer froze, and when it booted up again, the Marvell Yukon card wasn't even detected; it wasn't even in the device manager and there were no yellow exclamation marks next to anything. I took my computer apart to see if the card fried or something, and then put it back together. I turned it on after this and the card magically appeared.

    Now yesterday, the same thing happen again. This time, I installed the latest driver for it, and rebooted, but the card still doesn't show up again. Should I take the computer apart and put it back together? (since that's what worked the first time! :p)

    After reading another thread, unplugging the computer and plugging it back in will get the card to appear again. A temporary fix, but is there something else I can do?
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