Windows 7 Most TV cards- Media Portal works fine on W7 X-64.


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Jan 20, 2009
I've been frustrated with the lack of DECENT functionality in Windows Media Center when using TV cards.
Not only can you only choose ONE TV card (you then have to completely re-configure it again if you use another card) it also won't allow Composite Video / Audio input if you don't have the WMC remote.

However whilst complicated to set up - needs MySQL or Sql server 2005 (express edition will do --it's free like MySQL) MediaPortal works and you can configure as many cards as you like. It's Free and also works on Linux..

Its got a TV server as well .

The doucumenation takes a bit of a while to understand but once you've done it you'll find most TV cards (Terrestial. Analog, even HD) will work.

Now Microsoft ought to learn -- If Open source can produce a great functioning application why can't Microsoft .

MEDIAPORTAL - free media center - Home

Note -- installation is not for the faint hearted but if you perservere it's well worth it. I chose the MySQL option as I alreeady have it. On MediaPortal setup it will download the relevant componets as you run the setup wizard -- but be prepared for one ot two attempts to get it to work. As I said again it's worth perservering with as its a FAR FAR superior product to Windows Media Center.


Here's the link
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