Windows 7 Hauppage HVR 900H TV card on W7 X-64


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Hi all
Win TV 6.0 (the application supplied by Hauppage) for watching TV doesn't work properly on W7 X-64. The device (USB HVR-900H tv stick) is normally really great for watching on Laptops etc.

The driver actually works but the application doesn't -- won't tune channels. Hauppage is actually working on a new W7 release but if you want to watch TV on your laptop in the mean time using W7 -X64 then you CAN.

Ensure that before you start the latest updates from Windows update are applied (ther's about 5 or 6 from 24 Feb THAT MUST BE APPLIED.

You have to use Windows MEDIA Centre (not the player). Plug in your device and let Windows find the driver. Then start Windows Media center and go through set up Live TV.

It will scan the (digital) channels for your area. Then click on the Guide and select the channel you want to watch.

You might get a BSOD -- doesn't matter just reboot and restart -- Windows Media Center (WMC) seems to do some strange things being set up for the first time.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any way to get Composite Video however to work but at least TV works. Note the Analog channels won't be selected but you should get around 80 - 90 freeview (UK) channels -- a mix of radio and TV.

Text also works but you'll have to change a channel to exit TEXT.

It's a bit of a mess at the moment but at least its a LOT better than nothing.