Mouse /controller unuseable after inactivity

I have a very weird problem that I have never encountered before on any computer.

After a while of inactivity, sometimes as little as 20 minutes the mouse control goes into a weird state where the pointer sticks repeatedly and it bleeps when it sticks. So if you try and move it across the screen there is a bleep (from the speakers) repeatedly as you do so, it also bleeps if you click any of the buttons and it has no effect on anything the pointer is hovering over. If it goes into this state in a game, the control pad will reconnect with the wireless dongle but will not actually do anything. I tried an old wired mouse, but the same thing happens. I can't tie down in my memory the beginning of this to anything that I've done, and it's driving me completely mad ! I have reinstalled the driver for the mouse, its a Logitech Performance MX.

My specs:

O/S: W10 64b
Processor Intel i5 4690 K Devils Canyon 3.5 ghz OC to 4.2 ghz
GPU Sapphire AMD Radeon R9 Fury Tri-x 4GB HBM
HDD Seagate 4TB Hybrid 8gb Cache / Seagate Barracuda 2TB / Samsung Evo 250GB SSD
Motherboard Asus ROG Maximus Hero VII Z97
Memory 24 GB DDR3 Kingston Hyper-X 8GB Fury x 3 1600 mhz
Power supply Corsair CP-9020062-UK RM Series RM1000 80 Plus Gold 1000W ATX/EPS Fully Modular Power Supply Unit
Keyboard Gigabyte K6800 Multimedia USB
Mouse Logitech Performance MX
Monitor Asus PB287Q 28 inch Widescreen Ultra HD 4K LED
Speakers Microlab M200 2.1 40w
Mouse Logitech MX
Controller Xbox One Elite

That is exactly what is happening, there's even a guy who's recorded it occurring on his PC during gameplay and that is precisely what happens to me. The page does not include a diagnosis or a fix though.


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Didn't the last post help?

I found out it actually has to do with the windowed fullscreen mode, and some other app doing some popuppy shit right when you are spam clicking.

When I went back to normal fullscreen the problem dissapeared for me. I guess the people with xsplit have the problem because you kinda need to stream in windowed fullscreen in order to make the "black flickering" go away.

Hope this helps someone.

It happens often when the screensaver has been going for a bit which is just a shuffle through some holiday snaps. I've tracked down a potential source of it : The new Xbox controller driver. see Keyboard / Mouse lag constant beeping Windows 7 and 8 Fix!! ~ EvonsDesigns
although that doesn't really help.


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Have you tried removing the driver as a test?


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Wow nice find! Fingers crossed here.

Ok, think that fixed it. The details are:

The updated Xbox wireless control pad driver causes the bleeping/unuseable mouse problem after the dongle has been removed from the computer. This particularly affects laptop users as they tend to do that quite often and in my case the stupid dongle won't always link to the controller and I have to remove it and plug it back in again ( I have a desktop ).
I did three things:

Switched off all the sticky-keys options.
Re-installed the motherboards chipset drivers.
Rolled back the Xbox controller driver.

This seems to have fixed it, my hunch is that it was the xbox driver.

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