Blue screen after every full night shutdown.


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Ok here is something.

Due to me starting driving school and having a lot of real life stuff happening. I didnt really have time to test the stuff.

But the other day my logitech gaming software program spazzed out, so I went in to its settings and it turns out I had the US layout selcted and I switched over to NORIDC which is the right one. I also changed the keyboard getting the profile from its on board memory.

Ever since then I havent gotten a blue screen on boot. This makes zero sense to me since I had removed the program and keyboard completely before. and it still resulted in a blue screen.

It's not the oddest thing I've seen cause a bsod but it does rank up there. In fact this is a perfect example of why you simply have to try everything and check everything as it might be something as simple as incorrect keyboard settings. I once had a case where a browser was causing a bugcheck 124 (over heating issues usually related to overclocking) so it can certainly be a frustrating search.
It's great to hear that at last there might be a solution and great job in spotting it.

If any issues should reoccur Bawb then please post back. Best of luck!


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That's some good detective work there, Bawb!:fdance: Let's hope the BSOD issue stays resolved. Thanks for letting us know and sharing your solution.:)



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Please remove the Game Panel software as kemical suggests. It's driver dates from 2009, so it may have troubles coping with W10.
After the removal, if the BSOD's still occur (and presuming that the xusb22.sys driver remains uninstalled), then try Driver Verifier again.
Also, ensure that the Microsoft wireless XBox controller software is removed also - as the xusb22.sys driver was in this memory dump.

Once those 2 are removed, if the BSOD's continue, please run Driver Verifier. Even if it was run before, removing the xusb22.sys driver and the Logitech GamePanel drivers will give it a fresh look at the system - and will hopefully force the system to give up the name of the actual offending driver.
Well John, looks like we were heading in the right direction although for me at least that was more down to a process of elimination than anything else.. :D Great job by the OP to spot the issue!!
Much thanks once again.. :) (for checking over the thread)


YEA!!;) Been following sense day one! looks like you:worship: Got-er-Done


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Great work Bawb! Most BSOD's are solved by the owner, not by the analyst.
We provide hints and clues, but it's you who know the system best (and you're the one doing the actual work on it!).
Good luck!

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