Windows 10 Mouse Right Button Click Problem

Guy Weisz

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Hi there,

In the last couple of weeks I have a problem with my mouse right button (doesn't matter which mouse I use - Pad, USB, etc).

When clicking on certain files, such as images, pdf, text files or ms-office files, instead of firing the menu, windows explorer resets (File Explorer shuts down, the icons on the desktop disappear for a moment, all open programs minimize and I find myself on the desktop) - similar to what used to happen when I "violently" shut down the Explorer through the Task Manager (which I never do anymore). This means I practically cannot use the mouse right button.

Interestingly, this does not happen when clicking on folders, shortcuts or zip files, all of which are intrinsic to Windows. In these cases I do get the menu as supposed to.

Does anyone have an idea what can it be and how to solve it?


Application and Cloud Security Engineer
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I would start by looking in the event log for a crash log pertaining to explorer.exe it might give you a clue why it's crashing. You may also want to run the consistency checker to see if there are Windows problems that can be repaired.

From a command prompt or powershell prompt type
sfc /scannow