Moving from XP to Windows 7 Pro

Help. I'll be upfront and honest and confess that I'm Apple knowledgeable but not PC. That said, I'm looking to buy and upgrade our computer system at a non-profit organization here in our town (food pantry/thrift store). We currently have a Dell computer with Windows XP that must be at least seven years old. I'm considering a Dell model that would run Windows 7 Pro. Ideally, we will migrate all data from the old computer to the new.

Here's my question: Would anyone have any idea if we can successfully move over our bookkeeping programs (Quick Books Premium 2012 and also Quick Books Pro 2006) and retain all our data? This computer will be chiefly used for bookkeeping, Internet access and some word processing.

I appreciate any and all help/input.

sheryl r.

P.S. I hope I chose the correct forum category for this question.


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You will not be able to transfer or copy the programs across; they will all have to be installed on the new computer.

As far as the data is concerned, there is quite possibly an ‘Export’ feature but I suggest you contact Intuit to get the instructions for doing so.

Also, contacting Inuit may bring a surprise bonus of getting the latest versions of the applications free; especially if you mention that you’re a long term user of their products in a non-profit making organisation.

Good luck with the upgrade.

Thank you very much!

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