Moving OS from one HDD to another..?

Firstly, hello to all here.. very useful forum with plenty of extremely useful information..

I recently rescued a SSD that had seemingly failed, unfortunately i lost all data & my OS (which had to be re-installed) on my one remaining HDD until i did some research & repaired the problem.

Would it be possible for me to transfer my current OS (Windows 7 Ultimate x64) wholesale, leaving all files & settings untouched from my HDD to my repaired SSD (as user friendly as possible)



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You could use a Windows backup image if the total partitioned space on the old drive was less that the size of the new drive.

As Pat says, an image made with Acronis can be put back on different size partitions, where Windows Backup is limited to the exact original situation. I do prefer to stay away from cloning, but if it works...


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Imaging is the way to go. Create a system Image (I use Acronis as well, but there are many 3rd party apps that will do the job), then restore the Image to the new HD (or in this case the SSD drive). This way you will retain the Image for future use. As stated the Win 7 Backup app is somewhat hit or miss. Some have had good results, some have not.

I would also start creating new Images regularly. The more recent the Image, the quicker the restore when disaster strikes.


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I use Acronis too. Best in my opinion.

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