Windows 11 Moving the Boot partition


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I know that as long as the system partition and boot partition are on the same drive, I can use a clone-tool to migrate Windows 11 to another hard drive with simple clicks.

As I had some problems with Windows 11 (c-disk), I installed another version of Windows 11 on another drive (d-disk). It works as a kind of dual boot system now.

But the boot partition is on the old drive (c-disk). And there is no boot partition on the new drive (d-disk). Only a system partition.

Is it possible to copy the boot partition to the new drive?

Or how to create a boot partition on the new drive (d-disk), so I can reuse the c-disk.

Thanks for help.
Download EasyBCD, and see if that will fix your problem.
It will let you place the boot files where you want and make virtually any changes to your boot system.

It's very easy to use.

I'd recommend that while you are doing this that you place Windows on its own partition. This will become drive C:\.
Once you are set up and running, make a system image of the drive.

Don't put your software or data on the same partition.

If you have any issues in the future, you can replace the whole drive including the boot sector in a matter of minutes and have your computer up and running again.


The free version,

Backup software, EaseUs Todo backup.

On my computer which is all solid-state I can make an image or replace it in about 10 minutes. This should fix anything that is wrong with your operating system, including viruses, corrupted files, or the boot sector.

It will create boot media on a disk or flash drive that will boot your computer if it won't boot.