MS Word 2000 misbehaving


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I installed my word 2000 many years ago, when I upgraded to win8 it worked OK but with w8.1 is still working except when I finish writing & go to save or close it a small windows appears saying ms word is not working properly as per attached scan. Then allows me to close down word.

Anybody else suffered this? & can help?

Also I just noticed that on the top menu next to Help this "PDF Pro 10" appeared.



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Officially Office 2000 is EOL and is not compatible with Windows 8 or 8.1 so you're lucky it worked at all in Windows 8. Office 2007 is the oldest recommended version but if your buying a license for that you might as well get 2013 or 2016 for longer support life. If you're not looking to spend the money, I would suggest getting Libre Office. Libre office is 100% free and you can save and edit in Microsoft office formats. Home | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Fun Project - Fantastic People

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