Windows 7 mscorsvw.exe attempting network connection


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Jan 14, 2013
Recently this few days after an MS update I think, I've been getting popups regarding a process mscorsvw.exe attempting to connect to the internet from my firewall s/w. It happens often when the pc is idle - I see the alert when I get back.

Some checking on my side said that mscorsvw.exe is a .NET process but I've never had any security alerts from this process at all before. The method given to disable it aren't relevant now.

I find it annoying and I don't like any background processes accessing the internet in general. Is there any way to shut it down or cut down the number of times it spins up on its own?
In context, mscorsvw.exe should not be accessing the internet at all (or attempting to). Run a malware scan, because it is possible that bad stuff is masquerading under that name.
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