MSE virus keeps rebooting my computer! Need help!


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I'm not sure if this is under the right topic so I apologize in advance!

Here is my issue....

I recently downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials and now I think I have some sort of virus. Within minutes of logging onto my computer, a message keeps popping up that there is a critical error and that the computer will restart within one minute. I have tried to do anything I possibly can to get rid of this issue! It does the same thing while booting up in safemode as well. I also tried to restore my computer to a previous date before this occurred, and it still keeps happening. I figured i'd try to restore it to factory settings also, but it does not give me the option while booting up (f11), or on my control panel. I also tried using the TDSSkiller but my computer reboots before the scanning/fixing finishes. I have read that other people have run into this issue on the forums, but most solutions posted are individual specific.

By the way I am not super computer savvy so if you have a solution for me can you break the instructions down for me?
Can someone please, please help me?

Thank you, thank you!


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Reboot computer, once you see any life on the computer....start tapping the F8 key...this will get you into safe mode. Choose safe mode with networking...this will just start basic services with networking and allow you to download Malwarebytes and Spybot S&D and update the definitions. Once this is full scans...while still in safe mode. This should get rid of the bug for you.