multiple files search.

so i have a few pictures that are actually the same but have a diff name
they are in a folder with a lot of other files
so i was wondering if u guys know any way i could find them for example theres like 3 of them but i wanna delete the 2 and only keep one.
hope u guys understand :)


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They have different names. So, why not type the name in the search box ?
If you don't remember the names, then you will have to do a manual visual search.
Am I missing something ?


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If you want a better way to search try Agent Ransack, I've used it for years.
It's a stand alone search engine much better then the one in Windows.

As to finding you photos, in Agent Ransack put in the type of file, i.e. .jpg so you will only see that file type in the search.

Next if there are any common words in the file names (for example Bob's dog, Bob and Waldo, Bob playing fetch etc, where Bob is the common word, put in Bob, the only files that will come up in the search are .jpg files with the word Bob in the title.

You can search the entire hard drive and all of the folders, or a single folder.

If there is nothing in common except the file type then at least you can get a list of just the image files.

You can also used the File Finder app in CCleaner to look for duplicate files regardless of the name.

It can search by file size.
It will find all duplicate files regardless of type.



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You want to find a search engine-software working on basis of the image, not name? I haven't really done that, but

could be a place to start. I Googled it with "image search software". Please give feedback with any results. Best of luck.


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Prompted by Pauli's post I did some research and installed a multiple image finder called Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder.

I'm reporting that it worked great!

I took about 2 minutes to search the 2,000 images in my Photos folder and fond over 200 duplicates, even when they were not the same size or file type.

It will show your the two images side by side after it's done searching.

Pretty Amazing.

I think it's safe to download from Cnet but make sure that you decline all the offers to install other software during the install process.

It will ask you if you want to install several other applications during the process, just click decline.

I ran it on my Games Drive and it found over 4,000 images and almost 2,000 duplicates, (these are images that are part of the games.

Still only took a couple of minutes.


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Splendid, Mike! This also shows the power of working together: one doesn't know everything, or doesn't have the time, in the ring jumps another... I love this kind. It's superb, and shows the power mankind has. That's the way we have beaten all aliens in science fiction! Hooray!

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