Multiple Icons in Taskbar for iTunes

Hi, I just changed all the drivers in my computer and updated my old xp os to windows 7. I am having a problem, I've pinned iTunes to my task bar, and unlike the other programs, when the short cut is highlighted when it is open, but with iTunes, another icon is created.


Hello maxcham, welcome to Windows 7 Forums.

I have a 2, 3rd party apps that do the same thing, nothing to worry about, the 2nd icon just shows that the program is open and running.

You could unpin it, then open the program from "All Programs", then right click the icon in the "Taskbar" and pin it, then close the app and re-open it using the newly pinned icon. See if that changes it, I kind of doubt it, but it's worth a shot and like I said, it's nothing to worry about.

Hope this helps,


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