Windows 8 My computer is slow opening files and folders?


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May 25, 2009
Ada Michigan

Something that has been bugging me is that Windows 8 on my new computer is slow opening files and folders.

I don't mean that it takes forever but when I click on almost anything in File Manager or on my desktop the waiting icon appears and it takes a couple of seconds for anything to happen.

Same with .exe files there is a longer then expected delay before things stat to load.

Once things are running it works fine, I can run games maxed out at 120 fps, (for 3D) and it doesn't miss a beat.

But it acts like it takes more then a normal amount of time to find the file.

I just found that Indexing is only turned on for drive C:\.
This is not where my files or software is at.

Would turning it on for my other drives help?

Anyone have any other ideas?

It's not a big issue but I'ts just not as quick and it should be.

Is the other drive going to sleep? I install Windows and my software on the same partition.
Hi Joe

I don't think any of the drives (there are 4) are going to sleep but I have seen an improvement since I Indexed everything.

I'll see if I can figure out about the sleep thing.

I know after I moved my VMs to a second HD it does take slightly longer for them to be recognized and start. I use that drive mainly for backups. The VMware software is on the same partition as Windows. After the VMs are booted up they do run faster on a different actual drive.
Is this an external drive we're talking about, if so, is it connected via USB? And if that is the case, how many USB devices do you have plugged into the hub? Otherwise this could be a first sign of a failing hard drive, perhaps a bad sector on your filesystem, bad driver used for the filesystem even... How do you have your paging set up also?

No these are two internal hard drives each partitioned into two drives.
I have 4 external hard drives but none of them is ever turned on unless I'm backing things up to them.

The computer is brand new, and is a Falcon Talon that has undergone days of testing.
My diagnostics say the drives are working at peak efficiency.

My performance index is all above 8.0 except for the hard drives which are at the standard 5.9. They have no fragmentation, and no malware.

I don't have a solid state drive.

So everything looks OK, and it has improved noticeably since I ran Indexing.
So maybe that was the problem.

I haven't set a custom paging file size, I have 32 gigs of ram.
So I'd need to set aside about 50 gigs for it.
But I do have the Paging file on my Data disk which doesn't run any software on it.
So there is no conflicting with other things running at the same time.

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