My laptop can not connect to D-Link even though other computers can.

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by wildilwh09, Apr 11, 2012.

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    Hello everybody.

    My computer was working fine yesterday, it showed about 6 Networks and I was able to connect to my own network, D-Link fine. Now after playing a game via game booster I tried to acces Google Chrome and it says "this webpage is not available" I cant acces Skype or steam or anything that requires internet.

    I thought I had simply disconnected my self but when I went to check, it shows no networks. I thought this was my connection but then tried other devices "I-Mac, I-Pad, Windows XP Desktop and a DSI" and they all seem to find many networks and connect to D-Link fine.

    Has anybody got any ideas about why this might be. Any help greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Lee
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    Just a wild guess, but yesterday having been another patch Tuesday you might want to see if anything included in that might have resulted in your current issue, especially if Microsoft managed to sneak in a driver update for your wireless card.
    Use the control panel Windows Update link to "Check installed updates"
    Since we're only talking about one day here, you may want to try a recent system restore point to see if that will set things right again.
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