My Main Expertise is Hardware and Install Issues with the Windows 7 Operating System


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Dec 16, 2009
Hi there everyone! My moniker is: Nibiru2012, but you can just call me "Nibs" for short.

I belong to several Windows 7 websites, I'm a VIP on two of them and a Moderator on another obscure website. A moderator here is very familiar with what I'm capable of, that being bassfisher6522 as he knows me from another forum we're both members of. He has been an invisible supporter of me and encouraged me to become an active member here of this forum.

My main gig is hardware issues and Windows 7 install issues. I have been interested in electronics since I was a young teenager in the '60s, back when vacuum tubes were still the main hardware and transistors were just coming into common usage. I built several electronic components back then including shortwave radio, CB transceiver, power supplies, home stereo and even a medium-sized Tesla coil (my Dad had issues with that one though - LOL :rolleyes:).

So, if folks need help with hardware, installs, drivers, etc., PLEASE feel free to PM me or I'll try to keep an eye on the forum and see where help is needed. I do have somewhat unique sense of humor, so bear with me if I come across different than what you may expect. It's probably my life experience I guess.

Peace! May the Force be with You!

I too am fairly familiar with your posts and expertise on this site and others. Always good stuff.

My bro is heavily into CB radios. His rig is all top notch highest quality gear costing thousands. As for the Tesla coils go....haha nice!
Being a guitarist, I know all too well about how vacuum tubes are still main hardware. The AxeFx is changing that little by little though.

Interesting! Thanks for telling us about yourself.
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