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Windows 7 My Videos causing all new folders to hang


New Member
Dec 25, 2008
Hey guys, I'm using build 69956 and have only 1 problem...

It seems each time I open My Videos, Windows attempts to get the Thumbnail pic for each folder, which it does for maybe 5 folders then stops trying.

After this, any folder I open will appear empty, not as if theres nothing there, but as if Windows is still trying to see what files are in that folder. For example if I open up My Compter after, it will stay permanently trying to see it's contents.

My Videos are placed on an external USB drive, most of which are HD MKV files. The problem is resolved each time I restart and try againn, it will find another 4 folders or so then go through the same problem.

P.S I'm using Kazaa Lite Codec pack,
Any help would be greately appreciated~