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  1. Y

    Windows 10 Unable to Rename File or Folder on Network Server

    Hello Everyone and nice to meet you, I am having an issue as follows: When I go to a network server/network location of my company, I am able to create, view, and delete new files or folders. But, I cannot Rename the files or folders that I have created. On the other hand, I can create...
  2. RUDY03

    Windows 10 Start Menu not opening, Explorer refreshes whenever folders are opened and said folders close immediately. URGENT help needed.

    Genuine Windows 10, came with Asus Zenbook. Since yesterday, I can't save anything, as the "save" browser box doesn't open. As soon as I open any folders, explorer refreshes and said folder is closed instantly. Also, the Start Menu doesn't open. Tried running MalwareBytes once, got a BSOD...
  3. LeeoGO

    Windows 10 Editable folder details

    Hi. I have this problem... How can I add editable information, about different folders. I give you example in the image. (Ignore the winXP looks, it is just example :-D ) In the ,,User editable,, field, i need to write my notes in single words, like: red, do not open it, still working on it...
  4. K

    Windows 10 Help deleting quick links in file explorer

    I just installed an update for my computer and have this issue where there are extra quick selection links in my file explorer and they are blank. Does anyone know what is causing this and how to fix this? I have scanned my computer for any viruses and it is clean. I am running 64 bit windows...
  5. Fade

    Windows 10 How can I get my windows dekstop folder fixed?

    Usually when i have icons laying on my desktop i would access them through file explorer by clicking on the desktop on side bar, but when i go inside i see many icons but i don't see all the icons that laid out on my desktop. When i add new icons i usually see them but i don't all the time as...
  6. BKChedlia

    Windows 10 windows extract files

    Hi, I don't know if it's a right place to ask this question ... I have a shared folder of zip files, I want to unzip them and put the new folder(same name as zip folder with files extracted in it ) in new location each time there's a new zip in shared folder, is there a tool how can do it ? or...
  7. Grace Nakanishi

    Windows 8 Can't rename/move new and existing folders

    Every time I try to rename or move a folder (both existing and new) I get an error message saying "Can't find the specified file. Make sure you specify the correct path and file name" If I click Try again it says "The file or folder does not exist" I've uninstalled recent installations (only a...
  8. M

    Windows 10 WindowsApps folder security settings messed up

    I was trying to access my C:\Program Files\WindowsApps folder and I did by changing the security features in this video but I tried to restore it and now none of my WindowsApp will launch. When I launch a App like my calculator or weather it opens the window and after second it closes the app...