my windows 7 64 bit won't run itunes 64bit installer

So when I try to run the 64bit installer, windows throws up the error message: This is not a recognised 32bit application. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? Or point me at a thread that addresses this?

Please and thank you

And the 32 bit installer says I can't run it because I have a 64 bit machine.
My system info says I'm running windows 7 64 bit.


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Do you have a Bonjour (an Apple program) installed? Sometimes uninstalling that first and all Apple software solves the issue.

No, first time installing any apple products on this machine

Haven't had any other issues with other apps, but I haven't installed much.


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I'm out. This is probably more of an Apple issue than Windows. You might want to check out Apple support or wait till someone comes up with another recommendation here. Cheers!

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