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Windows 7 My computer ejects my Windows 7 64-Bit installation disk.


New Member
Feb 7, 2013
Hello, I'm having some troubles with getting my Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit installed:

Right now I am running Win7 32-Bit. Since I am also running programs that need to have 4 GB of ram or more in order to function properly, I need to upgrade up my OS to 64-Bit to allow my 16 GB of ram to function. The only issue is that my computer keeps ejecting my DVD. I have purchased a Win7 64-Bit product key and all. I downloaded a legitimate .ISO and used a third party program to burn the .ISO image onto a DVD disk. I've read the instructions correctly and triple checked everything I did. I'm pretty sure I'm doing everything right. . . My computer says otherwise because obviously it keeps spitting out my DVD. Another thing that I noticed is that when I insert my Win7 32-Bit DVD it works almost immediately. I had thought that maybe my disk driver needed a firmware update or something so I went ahead and updated my driver but that wasn't the issue as well, I'm having the same problem. I tried the DVD on another computer and it worked just fine. I'm thinking that since the computer I tried it on was already running the 64-Bit version of Win7 it had no problem at all. So I tested the disk on another Win7 32-Bit PC and it had the same problem. I also tried to boot up the computer and preform a clean install and the computer kept ejecting my DVD.

I should mention that I'm not using a PC. . .

I'm running Boot Camp to install a Windows partition on my iMac's HDD. Although it really should have NOTHING to do with this problem. It's just as if I had a PC tower.

Can anyone think of anything? Any suggestions?

iMac 21.5-inch
16 GB 1333 Mhz DDR3
AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB
Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63)
The first thing I come to think of is, that if you have a Windows installed, there may be problems with installing a new one. Installing a new Windows is done by:
a. upgrading the present OS
b. formatting the disk and installing a totally new OS

Don't know if this helps?