My Windows 8 is Totally Broken.

I was trying to update to windows 8.1. I kept getting an error code so I searched up how to fix the error. Someone recommended to someone else with the problem to uninstall the software distribution folder and it worked for multiple people so I tried it to no avail. Along with multiple other things that was supposed to fix it. I decided I was going to do a factory rest and install all the updates and immediately update to windows 8.1. But when I tried to do a factory reset it would say restarting the HP logo would startup and it would say configuring when it would randomly go to a full black screen and all u could see was my mouse. Since that didnt work I tried a system refresh and the same thing happened. On forums people said my registry was messed up and I should try changing these 2 things from 000 to 001 but CMD said it failed so that didnt work. I gave up and said I'll just live with windows 8 but now I've found I cant re-install some of my programs I want to bc it says they're still installed when they're defiantly not.
I need help being able to factory reset windows so I can get everything to work again. Thxs


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Someone recommended to someone else
This is the best way to bugger a system.

ok now your w8 system will boot to desktop but you stuffed about/ buggered your registry and you don't remember what entry you changed or you didn't do a back up before you played with regedit... does that sound about right?

assumes above is true; the good news is if the system still boots to desktop we can prob save it,
  • press [windows key] + [x] then press [k] to open disc manager
Screenshot (124).png

[windows key] =
windows key.jpg

  • Take a screenshot of the tool and post it... make sure we can see at least the front of your c drive in the image
eg. this is mine

  • I also want the spec for the system i.e it's a HP (what model) and any changes you have made to the hardware like more ram or a new hdd... don't post your key, I just need the hardware specs

I have a HP Pavilion G7(Laptop) I haven't made any changes to the hardware.


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Two D drives is a neat trick?

I'd recommend a new hdd and get your hands on a W8 (thats 8 not 8.1) iso:
replace the old hdd and install W8... the msdn key will kick in automatic without asking you and then the HP website can give the chipset drivers.

The plus side:
is a fresh install and the old drive can still be your backups that you grab whatever you need of it once you are back up
so we arn't cloning over an error over onto a new drive.
The minus:
$ of a new hdd but they arn't that much... w8 iso can be hard to find now that WX has come out, Microsoft doesn't allow the download but you already have your key so you just need the iso so a computer shop* or tech school should be able to put this onto a (gtp not mbr) usb for you.

*in my experence a computer shop that sells you a new hdd will be happy to burn a gtp iso onto a usb for you and even install it into the case as part of the sale/ fee... getting a shop guy to help you is best if you arn't happy doing it yourself... again this is legal because the key isn't needed.

You can always delete the hdd you have now and just need to get an iso (+ remove the recovery partitions) but ime having the old hdd to fall back on/ boot to in the event of issues is a LOT less stress.

Another option is to call HP and ask how much for a backup recovery disk... basicly formats the system you have now an installs their factory reset image onto it but there are pit falls with this approach so you may what to ask them to do it.

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