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:mad:Hi guys,

New to the forums, but these threads have given me lots of tips and advice in regards to windows 7.

There are two issues however. a) i can't print
b) I think the reason i can't print is related to this:
i can't seem to edit permissions on any files in windows 7.
First of all other computers can't access me on the network.
Second if i go into Network places Games-PC (name of windows 7 pc) and right click on the only file Users -> Properties -> Security tab there are four names under "Group or user names"
a) Everyone
c)Administrators (Games-PC\Administrators)
d) Users (Games-PC\Users)
SYSTEM and Aministrators have full permissions. But the other two don't.
By Granting "everyone or Users (Games-PC\Users)" full permissions i believe it will enable them to acess this PC. So i click on "Everyone -> Edit -> then i click on Full control I click apply but two ERROR messages come up : The first one :
An error occured while applying security information to:
Access is denied

The second one : Unable to save permission changes on \\Games-PC-\Users.
**Why is access denied? I am an admistrator and the only account on this PC, all the guides on the net say nothing about errors.. they just expect it to be right.
Plz help me this is probably the key to so many other problems with the windows 7 network feature.
Do you have the ownership of the Folder, If not then you'll need to take the ownership for the same...
I can't WTH!?

Okay i go Network > Games-PC > Users >Properties > Security > Advanced > Owner tab > Edit > Change owner to Cameron (Games-PC\Cameron) > Okay - Which leads to a Error Message : Unable to set new owner on Users (\\Games-PC) Access is denied.

..? Thanks for ur reply

I have ownership now. I had to install a VG registry edit.
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