Need Help formatting Linux HDD Using Windows Computer


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I'm hoping someone in this community can help me with a hard drive problem. Recently, I replaced my old laptop (it ran a Linux/Ubuntu OS). Before getting rid of it, I removed the laptop's hard drive with the intent to repurpose it into a portable hard drive. I then encased it within a plug and play, SATA compatible enclosure. Here is my problem: I want to reformat this drive but every time I plug it into a Windows computer, the WC doesn't even read/register that anything is there/plugged in. When plugged in, the light on the drive turns on and I can hear it, so I don't think there is anything physically wrong with it. I started to think that perhaps the Linux Drive might not be compatible with the Windows computer. Unfortunately, I don't have access to a Linux computer at the moment. Is there any way to format the LD using the WC? Step-by-step instructions would be greatly appreciated. In case it helps, I have posted images of the drive and the enclosure. Thanks!



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Since you cannot see the disk listed in File Explorer you need a third party software to format the external disk.
Download Gparted live-cd, write it onto a CD/USB and boot it while the external disk is connected to that computer.
This is a video tutorial on Gparted(there are more on YouTube):
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