need help. windows 10 lag


today i downloaded a game called chess ultra. when i opened it the graphics was so high that the game started lagging. so i quit the game. but after this my pc was super slow. the cpu,ram,disk,gpu,network all are free (2-15% used) but i can't even search a program on start. i disabled all third party services and restarted. but nothing changed. i have also uninstalled the game. for a simple task to run like task manager it takes one minute to open. by the way i don't have a graphics card.


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Where did you get the game from and do you have anti-malware software running on your system?


i don't really know what happened but today it started well. i guess it was heated last night because of the game,may be


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What are the specs of your system? Is it running OK for all other programs?. Did you do a custom install and uncheck items that may have been bundled with it? Are you running anti-virus and anti-malware on your computer?

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