Need Help with Windows 7


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dear all,

i have a 1gig RAM and a 512MB Graphics card...
graphics card has its own 512MB of memory...its not dependent on my RAM.

Win 7 freezes only if i happen to use a flash application in IE...IE 8 is what i guess comes with Win 7 and it is so frustrating when it freezes...

Its not the browser that freezes it the os as whole....

Did you when you installed your flash from Adobe make sure you chose Vista drivers ?


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Looking over the main board, I could not come up with a Vista driver.

However, at Realtek's site there is a codec for your card with Windows 7 support.

As I'm not sure whether this will work with your card, create a system restore point first.



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thank you, i will try.
other than aero and gaming the system works fine.i have also requested some of the computer mechanics for an AGP video card of 128 mb, which may help me for gaming and aero
thank you once again