Need suggestion to revive erased folders from Windows 7 PC hard drive


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I accidentally erased important folders from Windows PC hard drive. Is there any software to recover lost folders?


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If you did it while inside the windows, you can actually right click and select "Undo Delete".

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Windows "Delete" doesn't delete, it only sends them to the Recycle Bin, they won't get overwritten unless a second = definite delete is made. They can be brought back easily, by opening the Recycle Bin, found in Windows Explorer \ Desktop... Open the Bin, right click any file and choose "Restore" - or choose several files, and get them all restored.

If you have truly erased, you may use some tools of


Don't overwrite the disk where your data erased. Then try Recuva (Freeware) or R-Studio(paid software), both are the best tool I have ever used.

If the data is very important for you, you are suggested to buy data recovery service from a local company.


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Like landerio notes, the main first caution is not to write anything new on the disk. If you have truly erased, I've used Recuva, works fine, and the best would be to get the portable version, through a friend or something. Put it on a flash drive, that way you need nothing done on your own disk,

Professional help is not a bad advice, either.