Need USB power shut off while in SLEEP mode

Charles Linquist

Extraordinary Member
I have a MS SURFACE PRO (1st generation) that is left plugged in all the time. I need the power shut off to the USB port when the computer goes into SLEEP mode.
I have searched all the settings, but there is no option to turn off the USB power when in SLEEP mode.

I leave the Surface Pro plugged in all the time and I use it only to run Spotify and some other music applications, I have it set to sleep when I close the lid. The USB port is connected to a DSP which converts the signals to analog for the amplifiers. I "tap off" the USB power in the cable and feed it to a Solid State Relay that controls power to the rest of the sound system. I want to be able to shut everything down simply by closing the lid on the Surface Pro - and turn it on again by raising the lid.

I suppose it is possible that there is no hardware provision in that unit for shutting off USB power when it is plugged in, so I am hoping that there is a registry setting somewhere that will do what I want.