HP Envy 14 Continues to Run While in Sleep Mode and then Crashes

Hello there, so I've been having this problem where my envy 14 laptop will attempt to go into sleep mode (or i'll close the lid) when in reality the screen just shuts off and everything else continues to run. At this point I can't wake the computer up and I have to hard reboot. If i leave the laptop in this pseudo sleep long enough it will just crash and I get the safe mode options upon rebooting.

I've rolled back graphics drivers and then updated again to no avail, I've run a system restore to no avail, I've reset all the power management settings to allow for sleep and changed the multimedia sharing options to allow for sleep as well, I've run multiple anti virus scans AND turned off all unnecessary start up programs, still, to no avail. This problem literally seems to have come from no where. Thanks for the help!

I have a lot of memory.dmp files all from this past week, how would i go about sharing and reading one of those?

Hello? Help would be seriously appreciated!

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