Windows 7 Nero 9 Will only Burn at 4X Speed in Windows 7


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Apr 13, 2009
As the title of the thread states, I am having a problem with Nero 9 (the latest version) in Windows 7. It will only burn at 4X speeds when the drive on my laptop and the external drive I have supports 8X and higher (for the external) burning speeds.
I am not sure whether this is a problem with Nero 9 or Windows 7, but this only started after I installed Windows 7 onto my computer. My other computers running Nero 9 have no problems using the same drives (I popped the internal one out of my laptop and put it into another laptop of the same make and model with Windows Vista), so I'm thinking this is an incompatibility issue.
I've looked in the settings for Nero 9, and it is set to "Burn at Maximum Speed" so I am thinking that for some reason the drivers for Windows 7 report that the drives are only 4X capable.

Anyone had this same problem or a similar one, and might have a solution?

Edit : Okay, I finally fixed this problem by myself by running "Nero Drivespeed" (don't know WHY I didn't think of that!). After it got done scanning a disc, I found out that somehow (no idea how) the drive had been set to 'silent mode' which drops the speed down to 4X. Well, I bumped it back up to the full drive speed using Nero Drivespeed (and set the 'spindown' time down from 32 minutes to 8 seconds), and I got all my burning speed back.
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