Windows 7 NetGear problem

Senior Member
I am running a netgear wireless setup, with a WPN111 adapter on the Windows 7 machine, I installed the software from netgear, but when I try to run the program, I get an error msg saying "DNIN50.dll is missing from your computer, please reinstall the program." I have reinstalled twice and keep getting the message, I have even downloaded the update from NetGear, no luck. It has to be that the software is not compatible with 7. Any idea what I can do? I can access the internet, but not my other pc (which I need to).
I have tried dragging a shortcut to the other machine from my XP partition, with no luck. Which if I boot to XP, I can still access the other machine, which is also XP. Or if there is any other way to access the machine, I'll be happy.