New here, so please be patient...this is very frustrating for me


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I have recently (two days ago) purchased a brand new HP Pavillion g7-1365dx Laptop, with Windows7 Home Premium installed. I had never touched the settings for update..was set to automatic to begin with. Now for the good stuff. After uninstalling alot of "junk" they included with computer, I tried to update. It searched, found updates...but when I clicked to install them it hangs at 0%(left it for two hours) and then gives me error codes...the likes of which I have had are:
8E5E0408 (this is latest one when I tried to install just one of the updates)

It came with Norton Anti-Virus which I have uninstalled and installed free kaspersky anti-virus2012
This is extremely frustrating as it is a new machine and I should have no problems at all. I have tried the Microsoft fix it solution 50202 and the other update one...they both scan, but never shot them fixing anything...probably for good reason..Nothing gets fixed!! Any timely help would greatly be appreciated, as I will probably mess it all up if not helped


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Your two errors seem to indicate "unexpected" and the second one "CO_Server_Stopping.

When you say you uninstalled "junk", my first thought is maybe something really wasn't. So perhaps open an administrative command prompt (Winkey and type cmd, then CTRL+SHIFT+Enter). Then type SFC /scannow and let it finish. Maybe it will find something that was removed by accident. If you have already done this, fine, I just wanted to make sure.

Anti-Virus programs can inhibit Windows Update. So whatever you have, try turning it off, and if it also has the capability of scanning during reboots, turn that off as well. There may be some special setting you need to change, but I do not know what it might be with any specific utility.

If you have gone to the Windows Update dialog and selected "Check for Updates" and it doesn't work, make sure you have a good internet connection. Also make sure you and shut your system down completely so as to allow some updates to complete. If one update fails, it might keep others from installing.

If you can't get it to work, go to the Windows Folder and right click the WindowsUpdate.log and select send to compressed zip file. Then attach that using the paperclip on the Advanced replies. If it won't work that way, copy the file to the desktop first. I will check it to see if I can find anything helpful.

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