Windows 7 New Nvidia Windows 7 Drivers, No more games

So I logged into wow and noticed that my graphics were acting up. Public Beta release is tomorrow 1/9/09, so I thought I hop over to Nvidia and get the new drivers I'm sure they had. Sure enough they were there and even called NVidia Windows 7 drivers at install. Im running a 9800GTX and cant launch any games or even run any installs without a nvidia blue screen. I looks like I am the first to post about this, Sorry if im not. Still new to beta forums. Anyway let me know if you have the same problem. Pretty irratated on this side. Nvidia = Epic Fail. Build 7000


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Use the Vista drivers. It might just be a glitch with your card, but until we know better, always go with the trusted drivers.
I know the ATI drivers gave me some problems as well, and rolling back to the Vista drivers solved my problem.


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So the Vista driver will work fine on Win7? I have a GeForce 8600GT. I guess it should work with Win7...


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Just installed in the morning vista drivers on my 32.bit , nvidia has released new driver ver.181 and it showed to me on installation as windows 7. UBF : i have same card and works fine.


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don't force install the beta drivers you find online because they aren't optimized for Windows 7. Once you install Win 7, run Windows Update (you may or may not get a video driver update) and just use those


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where on nvidia's site are you getting beta windows 7 drivers? the newest drivers i see are Vista drivers.
according to nvidia's website their drivers for Windows 7 can only be downloaded via "Windows Update" within Windows 7.

the drivers that came with Windows 7 are supposed to be the new ones and they work fine for me


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I have a 9800 GX2 and the widows 7 install downloaded the drivers for it automaticly. When I went to update, the nvidia drivers failed because, according to the error, that the same or better driver was already installed. It was strange, but after installing DX10, and assassin's creed, everything seemed to run properly.
Problem solved by microsoft folks at work. Windows update for drivers. I just jumped the gun before they posted the windows update info on the nvidia site. thanks though :p