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Windows 7 New PC, New Problems


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Aug 11, 2012
I seem to have encountered lots of problems with my new Netbook PC, featuring Windows 7 Home Professional OS. For example, I can't shut the system down unless I turn the power switch on. Sometimes, I get a system malfunction screen and I need to shut it down. I went to a Windows Repair website, but most of the free repair sites aren't free at all. I need some sites that both free and easy to follow instructions(even if I have to print them out).
You might check the Event Viewer to see if any error or warning messages are showing up. What message does the System malfunction show, any details?

There are a couple of things you might try for any system that is not behaving normally. Open an administrative command prompt and type SFC /scannow to check your system files. Let it finish and let us know if it reports any unrepairable files.

Running a chkdsk might also clean up possible corrupted files on your hard disk and help the system work.

You said that the computer is new.

Can you exchange it?
You shouldn't have all these issues on a new computer.

If none of the stuff listed by Saltgrass suggested helps can you run a reinstall from the recovery partition without losing anything.

What brand of computer?

Personally I wouldn't mess on, just take it back to the store and demand replacement or refund on the spot.
Agree fully with Mike and Highwayman, and to repeat myself from several occasions: if your computer has warranty, use it. No idea to struggle with something that someone else actually has the responsibility for.
I'd have to say that your easiest solution is to return it, as already stated, but if you must spend your time in trying to self-repair it, then consider these options:

- Update your bios firmware if possible
- Go to the manufacturer's website and get all their drivers installed
- Look at the power settings in your control panel
- Tell us your model so we can better help you
A kind word of warning: messing with a new computer may void the warranty. I'm not saying it will but it may. It could be a tender situation.

And since this thread has already run for about a week, I almost claim that by now you would have found a proper and right answer from your retailer / some service company - this is one of the reasons why I prefer small and / or specialized companies in purchases: you create a personal relation with them, and getting support is usually both fast and efficient. When I call my #1 provider, they know me by name...

All the very best.
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