New to Win 10. Help request.


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I just purchased my new Win10 PC and I'm trying to become familiarized with some of the new features. So far everything is working out well for me but I have run into one trivial issue that I can't resolve and that involves the clock in the bottom right corner. I understand there are options that allow me to set the date to different formats. I would like to have month appear (full name) but the only format I can see is all numbers (8/21/2021). I have gone over the instructions on where and how to change the date but nothing seems to work (I would like the long format to appear). I'm wondering if there is a setting that must be activated before I can make the changes?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you.


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Hi GDany

Thanks for much for replying. Your tutorial helped to a degree because the instructions I found elsewhere omitted a step. I was able to change the date through your tutorials but the time is still an issue. That is, I have the correct time on my screen but I can't change the format. I was hoping to see the seconds but that's not happening. No big deal but considering that the system exists to customize the format I find it odd that it won't change on my screen.

Thanks again.


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Unfortunately, it is not possible to display time with seconds in the taskbar's corner. Windows uses only the short time format to display time on the taskbar and the short time format does not use the seconds part.

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